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  1. Registration is on location at Nelly’s Executive Fitness, 1216C Battle Street. See “Registration” for full details and dates.
  2. Upon registration, the participants will receive the "40-Day Activity Challenge" hand-out, which requires you to do 1-hour of physical activity/day.
  3. Upon registration, the Physical Activity participants will have the option to receive the layout of the bonus wellness challenges (nutrition and physical). These bonus challenges are strategically placed throughout the 40 days to bring you greater health.
    • In addition to the 40-day activity challenge, the wellness bonus challenges will add an intermediate component to further your overall health. It will challenge your mental health, determination, patience, physical conditioning and your overall desire to be a better you.
    • The components added are based on the principles: 21 days needed to break a bad habit and instill a healthier one, minimum cardiovascular exercise required to improve heart/lungs, cardiovascular required to be in fat burning zone (if you choose to go there), high glycemic index (foods that cause obesity, heart disease, diabetes, chronic illness, depression, etc.) and giving the vital organs a recovery from high density foods.
  4. Challenge begins at 12:01am April 7th and ends at 11:59pm May 16th.
  5. Participants choose an activity of their liking and complete for a minimum of 1-consecutive hour/day. See “Activity Ideas”. All activities will be rewarded to enter draws.
  6. Activity must not be part of your work day (10,000 steps at work on FitBit over 8 hrs). Exception is going for a walk on your lunch break.
  7. To help you be successful on your journey, there is an Accountability Chart, which will be displayed on location at Nelly’s Executive Fitness.
  8. For every day of successfully completing your 1-hour of activity, you will receive a stamp.
  9. For every week of receiving 7 stamps, you will be entered to win a weekly prize.
  10. In addition to the weekly draws, if you successfully complete 40 consecutive days, you will be entered to win the grand prize, which is valued over $2,000 (new shoes, gift certificates, and much more)!
  11. Chart accountability – must be done on a daily basis either in person or through social media:
    • in person @ Nelly’s Executive Fitness
    • text activity image to 778-538-0024
    • post activity image on twitter:  @nelly_dever
    • post activity image on facebook:  Nelly’s Executive Fitness  
  12. For social media options, a stamp will be given for the day the picture is received (send by mid-night in order to receive).
  13. Nelly’s Executive Fitness will be offering free Facility Use and free Classes for all the participants if they so choose to include in their choice of activities. See “Health Club Accessibility and Classes”.
  14. Minimum age requirement is 19 years of age. (FREE Charts for Youth to participate)
  15. On April 7 from 11am-2pm, FAQ’s on site if you need some extra help.
  16. On April 21 @ 1:00pm, there will be a Health Panel forum (Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, Nordic pole walking/running instructor, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, etc.) free to participants. Q & A format.