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About our Partner Training Programs

These sessions are one trainer with two clients.

Each individual with complete a solo assessment (blood pressure reading, body composition, cardiovascular test, strength test, flexibility test, and girth measurements).

Once the short and long-term goals are established for each client, the trainer will then guide both clients through their individual programs and their partner training programs.

Some partners choose to partner train at all times and forgo learning individual routines.

Our most popular program is:

Individual training 1xweek

Individual training with personal trainer 1xweek

Partner training with personal trainer 1xweek

3 total workout sessions per week


Our objective at Nelly’s Executive Fitness is to help you achieve your dreams and your goals. To meet your training needs and to save $ on your personal training sessions; training with a friend, co-worker or relative is an excellent and affordable way. How often you meet with your personal trainer is completely up to you. Our trainers will meet with you and your partner 1x/week, 1x/bi-monthly, etc. – you choose.

Savings:  each client will save 20% per session