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The 40 Day Activity Challenge has been designed to bring activity back into our lives.
Over the past decade Canadian health has taken a huge step back. There is much debate as to why it has dissolved; cell phones, computers, technology as a whole, physical education being removed out of schools, social economic pressures ….. Our intention is to remove obstacles that hold people back from making changes.

  • No long-term commitment
  • All activity gets rewarded
  • Accountability
  • Free professional guidance
  • Free health club
  • Free classes
  • Keep it simple – fun – doable – geared for everyone!

Your health, happiness and longevity are your mark on the world. There are no repeats or trade-ins.
You will not be remembered for how much money you made or how many homes you owned. 
You will however be remembered for how happy or miserable you were 
- and how you made people feel.